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The Journal of Voice is widely regarded as the world's premiere journal for voice medicine and research. This peer-reviewed publication is listed in Index Medicus and is indexed by the Institute for Scientific Information. The journal contains articles written by experts throughout the world on all topics in voice sciences, voice medicine and surgery, and speech-language pathologists' management of voice-related problems. The journal includes clinical articles, clinical research, and laboratory research. Members of the Foundation receive the journal as a benefit of membership.


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Voice Foundation

The Voice Foundation is the world's leading organization dedicated to solving voice problems. Its efforts in funding research, promoting public education and raising the professional level of voice care directly benefit you. Established in 1969, the Foundation seeks to protect and enhance the gift of vocal communication.

The purpose of the International Association of Phonosurgery is to encourage the scientific and clinical investigations in the field of phonosurgery, to exchange knowledge and ideas among its members in the forms of meetings, publications and workshops, to influence teamwork in phonosurgery, covering all surgical and functional components of therapy, including voice and speech re-education, and to develop educational activities related to phonosurgery.



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