Voice Symptoms and Quality of Life in Individuals With Marfan Syndrome: A Cross-Sectional Study



      Marfan Syndrome (MFS) is a connective tissue disorder that affects skeletal, ocular, pulmonary, cardiovascular, and central nervous systems. Symptoms may lead to diminished quality of life (QoL) in individuals with MFS compared with healthy individuals. Currently, there is little evidence regarding the impact of MFS on voicing and QoL. This study examined perceptions of voicing difficulties and QoL among persons with MFS.


      A total of 356 participants with a self-reported diagnosis of MFS completed the Quality-of-Life Index (QLI) and voice handicap index–10 (VHI-10) and provided medication regime.


      Some degree of voice handicap was reported by a majority of participants. Analyses assessing correlations between responses to the VHI-10, QLI scores, and reported medications were conducted. Specific medications and responses on the VHI-10 were significantly associated with QLI scores. Multiple regression analyses revealed that a summed VHI-10 score was the strongest predictor of QLI satisfaction, QLI importance, and overall QLI.


      The findings of the current study suggest that individuals with MFS may experience self-perceived phonatory dysfunction which impact QoL. Specific classes of drugs may also be associated with reported voice handicap and QoL satisfaction in MFS. These findings have implications for physicians and clinicians who work with individuals with MFS.

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