Laryngeal Framework Surgery (LFS)

Nicolas E. Maragos, M.D.

The past fifty years of investigative research, technological advances, and clinical application of new scientific knowledge in laryngology and voice has been no less than astounding. Our abilities as a field of practice in caring for the primary organ of vocal production, the larynx, have led us into an area of sub-subspecialty that prior scientists, clinicians, voice teachers and vocalists could only dream about. In the center arena of this push to bring together the best minds interested in voice use, care and preservation was Dr. Wilbur J. Gould, founder of the Voice Foundation.

From its earliest days the Voice Foundation has presented reports and research, first as Transcripts and then as its own publication, the Journal of Voice. This present compilation of papers deals with the fascinating field of Laryngeal Framework Surgery, an area of study dating back to at least 1905, but one that was single-handedly revitalized by Dr. Nobuhiko Isshiki of Kyoto, Japan in 1967. Dr. Isshiki organized previous surgical techniques and explored new ones to improved patient voices by changing the cartilaginous structure of the larynx and thus indirectly changing the position and tension of the internal laryngeal structures and soft tissue. His ideas and techniques, taught to other laryngologists from the mid 1980s, dramatically altered the way laryngologists look at laryngeal disease and the possibilities of treatment of dysphonia.

This listing of Journal of Voice articles is by no means exhaustive, but it does include those papers that were worthy of publication in the past forty years. Five groupings have been used including Anatomy/physiology/function, Surgical Techniques, Treatment of Specific disease entities, Results/Complications, and some possible Future Adjunctive Therapies. We hope you enjoy discovering the field of Laryngeal Framework Surgery.